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Take a break and go outside! After all, what’s the point of working all day when you work at home? You likely quit your old job for the lack of flexibility or the stress involved. So stop in your tracks now–before you head down the same path! Spending time outside and in nature is necessary and good for health.

A couple weeks ago, I felt so dead. I didn’t even feel like leaving the house. My neck hurt so much, though, that I couldn’t focus on work. I drove to the chiropractor’s office only to find he was closed for the holiday weekend. But I didn’t want to go straight home.

In the end, I found myself at a tiny park that I didn’t even know was near where I live. A little walking and a little sunshine did me good. My neck felt better and I was reinvigorated enough to jump back on that computer!

Now I may not have ADD, but one article on the crchealth.com intrigued me when it mentioned a study at the University of Illinois has “shown that the greener a child’s everyday environment, the more manageable their symptoms of attention-deficit disorder.” Sounds like going outdoors may have been the exact reason I was able to go back to work with a focused mind, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to go far, though. Just sticking your head out the door may do wonders! If the weather’s pleasant, I’ll even leave my door open all day for fresh air and extra sunlight. It motivates me to get things done!

In fact, between this paragraph and the paragraph above, my brain had stopped working. So I went outside, fetched my garbage bins from the curb, and took a moment to stretch my upper body while staring at the evergreen trees above me.

Then I came back and read a few articles about how fresh air increases energy and creativity. No wonder I felt like a new person! A creative person….A blog-article-finishing person.

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