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Bloggers–Especially when first starting out, one does not wish to waste loads of money on unworthy tools. And technical stuff, including annoying WordPress glitches or complications, are the worst. So, I’m here to give you save you a lot of time by providing a list of the most useful free tools I have come across:

How to fine-tune your WordPress website

GTMetrix–This is the best free tool I’ve discovered for checking your website’s speed. What makes it so great is that the results list the strengths and weaknesses of your website–and even indicates how to tweak your site to improve performance.

Semrush–The free version of SEM Rush is still great for keeping track of backlinks and traffic sources. You can even track keywords and compare with competitors. Once a month, you can run one URL through the Site Audit tool to check for coding flaws or ways to improve crawlability.

SEOptimer–On the home page, you can input your URL for a free site audit. Similar to the two previous tools, SEOptimer grades your website based on performance, mobile access, social connection, and security. (It’s worth it to run your website through all three tools.) SEOptimer also offers many free tools to generate a robots.txt file, a .htaccess file, a sitemap, and more.

SERPs–The SERPs keyword research tool is the best free keyword tool I’ve come across. It’s also non-committal–you don’t even need to create an account before getting started!

Grammarly Extension–All you need is a free account to install the Grammarly extension in your Internet browser. More advanced than Microsoft Spellcheck, this tool helps you effortlessly avoid those embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes, even when finalizing a draft in your WordPress admin site.

Post image won’t show on Facebook: How to fix

Facebook Developers Debugger–If you use WordPress, you may have run into an annoying glitch when you try to post a link to your blog. If the image doesn’t show, just paste the link of the blog into the debug tool, and try to post the link on Facebook again. The correct image should finally show up. If not, though, there’s another free option…

Blog2Social–This WordPress plugin doesn’t offer scheduling or reposting with its free version, but it’s helped me out with automatically posting to social media when the blog in question is scheduled to post. And, for some reason, this plugin bypasses the image display issue when posting to Facebook! What a godsend.

How to build backlinks and find broken links

Google’s Check My Links Extension–If you didn’t already know, one of the most effective ways to build backlinks is to find broken outbound links on other websites and offer your own link as a replacement to the website owner. I can’t tell you how much time this tool saves me. Manually checking for broken links with the naked eye is not only difficult and time-consuming but also turns out inaccurately. And, of course, you can also use this free extension to check for broken links on your own webpages.

Moz’ Open Site Explorer–The free version of this link checker tool will give you inbound link information on up to 3 webpages per day. Personally, I hate looking for broken links. So when I find a broken link or stumble upon a removed page, I make sure I capitalize on the discovery. I plug the link into the OSE tool to see if any other websites still have backlinks pointing to the outdated source. That’s when, if I have a page with related information, I email the website owner to request that my page is linked to instead.

HARO–I’ve had great results as a member of this community! If you are having trouble finding ways to build high-authority backlinks for yourself, HARO is the answer to your prayers. It’s simple–sign up as a source, and you’ll have writers from across the web requesting expertise that you have. When you respond to a HARO query, request that a dofollow link to your website be included.

More articles for bloggers and WordPress-users to come in the near future! Including a must-read about how to monetize your blog. Follow me on Twitter for article updates, and Instagram for travel updates! Thanks for reading.





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