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Work at home tip #2 — Originally on Instagram @cultureleapSEO (Stock Photo)

You’re here likely because you work from home and want to improve your concentration. If so, you have your desk, office, or favorite chair where you spend most of your day. The area could easily get cluttered with books, papers, pens, coffee stains, crumbs, protein shake residue, receipts, fingernail clippings….You get the idea. So what’s the harm?

Maybe the chaos doesn’t seem to bother you. Nevertheless, I beg you to consider straightening up your workspace for the following reasons:

Improve your focus. Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that chaos is detrimental to your ability to focus. In an organized environment, your brain will be better able to process information.

Keep from losing important documents. Stay organized and make sure you know where everything is. You don’t want to lose any hard copies of signed contracts!

Feel better. Personally, I feel better after I clean and organize, because I know I have everything together (for now). Trust me, you will reduce your stress! In fact, Huffington Post cites a survey which determined that clutter contributes to at-home stress.

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