Time management is the key to being more productive, especially when you make your own schedule. Everyone knows that. There is, however, a certain trick to scheduling when blog writing or social media marketing.

That’s why I purposefully limit my time for each task.This is especially valuable regarding web content writing. For a perfectionist such as myself, the problem is spending MUCH LONGER than necessary on a single blog article. Tweaking, tweaking, and more tweaking.

Next thing you know, I’ve written the perfect article in about two hours. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, except for the fact that I’m still not ready to publish. A few days later, I’ll tweak the same article EVEN MORE. Why? Because giving your article a rest before you finalize it is the best way. Your brain needs time away from the desk to figure out how to give the article some final window dressing.

My solution works best for blog writers who sit down to hammer out a bunch of articles in a row. Here’s my method:

  1. Choose a topic. What works best is an umbrella theme for a series of articles. That way your mind is free to focus on one thing.
  2. Set a goal for the amount of work you want to get done in a single work session or workday. For me, this would be a certain number of blog articles.
  3. Estimate the time you want to initially spend on a single article. 20-30 minutes, for example. This will include some but not all editing.
  4. Set a timer when you start each article. When it goes off, be sure to move on to the next article. If that one takes less than the full period of time, you can go back and edit one of your previous articles.

I suggest using a similar system for posting your articles to social media or working on other social media marketing tasks.

For example, you could limit time spent on a single social media network per day. Try to fit as much into 10-15 minutes as you can. Time yourself. See what you can do. Find a system that meets your personal needs.

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