Jim’s Burgers: Best burger in Bangkok and maybe the world

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The messy, so-called “knuckle sandwich of Jim’s Burgers, in combination with a chocolate-filled-cruffin experience (the following day) gone awry, earned me the name “Dangerous Melissa.” Yes, I do live dangerously when it comes to food. #NoRegrets

No matter who you are, whether you appreciate messy food for its yummy goodness alone or prefer to eat more daintily, well—either way, Jim’s Burgers in Bangkok, Thailand is worth it. “Jim” claims that their burgers are 100% American. I would agree, except for one thing: I’ve never tasted a burger in America that can dare measure up to Jim’s Burgers taste and quality.

jims burgers bangkok thailand craft beerWhy worth it

Burgers are about 190-270 for smaller sizes (which still constitute a full meal for the average person). But don’t let the price tag scare you off!

The beef is real, juicy, and cooked to tender perfection. Both small and large sizes come with a side of two (pieces of) waffle fries. The sauces that come with the burgers and fries are wonderful pairings.

There are many options available to match personal taste. Choose between four types of buns: whole wheat, spinach, regular, and charcoal. You can even opt for different types of meat for select burgers. A vegetarian burger is also listed on the menu.

Service is in general pretty good, too! Most of the servers are very friendly and will gladly provide free draft samples.

What to eat

My top three burger recommendations (so far) include:

  • Pork knuckles burger. This is for when you feel like a carnivore that really needs to sink their teeth into some delicious meat. The knuckles, true to their name, are sizeable and abundant. Thus—say hello to an enormous mess. If you’re lucky, you can keep your chin clean—but juice-coated hands are inevitable. Keep napkins handy at all times, so you can keep sipping your beer throughout the meal. (I recommend a smooth stout with this burger!)
  • Waffle burger trio. (Currently a seasonal special.) I recommend this if you can’t decide whether to order waffle fries or a burger alone. Why not get the best of both worlds? You can choose between beef or pork at no price difference—so if you choose beef, you are getting a LOT for your money. I expected something smaller, but between those three surprisingly massive beef patties, I think I ate the equivalent of a burger 1.5x the size I’m accustomed to!
  • Honey beef burger. This burger is ideal for the indecisive person who wants a simple burger that yet has a unique flavor. This delicious, sweet burger that includes an onion ring is guaranteed to satisfy any craving!

As for sides, you can’t  go wrong with any of the following:

  • Waffle fries—Cooked to perfection, crispy and waffly.
  • Afro fries—Crispy and uniquely flavored.
  • Salad—Any salad. They all look gorgeous!
  • Onion rings—Can you really go wrong with these?

What to drink

Craft beer taps are rotating, but my three favorites that I keep an eye out for include:

  • Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier–Best half-pint I’ve had in a long time. And it’s no wonder, for it comes from the oldest brewery in the world, which is located in Germany. That’s right–every once in a while, it all comes back to my roots.
  • Deschutes White IPA–I don’t usually like IPAs, but when I was accidently given a sample for this beer, I surprised myself by falling in love with the less-bitter (more-hoppy) flavor than I usually get from IPAs. So I’m keeping an eye out for this one! (Ironically, I am literally straight from the Deschutes area, but I’d never tasted this beer before….So, next time I head home, you know where I’m gonna be drinking!)
  • Brothers Toffee Apple Cider–I will gladly guzzle down this stuff straight from a bottle from Tops Market, but draft, of course, is even better. It’s sweet and smooth, as cider should be, but the added toffee notes, while also sweet, somehow balance the taste and make the smooth sip seem almost smokey.

Where to sit

Larger tables for groups are available in the front section, by the bar. However, this is where the music is loudest.

For more privacy and quiet, try the smaller tables in the back section—but this is where AC is strongest, so be prepared with a sweater.

When to go


I’m not ashamed to say that I go about once a month.

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