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The irony is if you need to learn English, but are stuck reading the English on this page….Oh well, here goes!


  • Have you been struggling with English for what feels like eternity?
  • Does the grammar, pronunciation, or spelling frustrate you?
  • Are you fed up feeling bored in ESL class?
  • Do you want to find ways to learn grammar faster?
  • Do you need to learn how to build vocabulary faster?

Teaching experience

Never fear! I have over 4 years of full-time, one-on-one teaching experience. There is nothing I love more than taking time to help someone learn and have fun while learning.


What’s more, I’ve never been so confident in my education: I have a TESOL certificate. The course with the Canadian Institute of English was life-changing. My classmates and I became familiar with 40 teaching methods that engage the mind and memory. In ways–in fact–I never thought possible! For example, the bits of Chinese, Italian, Mongolian, and Spanish I picked up in class have stuck with me ’til now. That’s how I know these methods work.

Have fun learning

And not only do the methods work–they’re fun! My TESOL-certified methods include the following student activities:

  • Take over the class — Switch roles with the teacher to show off your knowledge!
  • Imagine conversations — Draw the characters, develop the dialogue, and act out the roles!
  • Sing together — Learn new words and develop grammar skills through song!
  • Get out of your seat — You learn faster when you use your entire body!
  • Visual and memory aids — Use tricks of the trade that speed up your learning!

Contact me

If you or someone you know would be interested in booking a lesson or tutoring session, click to contact me or send me an email via md@youcancultureleap.com.