trees at prospect park brooklyn new yorkVisiting during the off season on an off day, I apparently didn’t even get near all the “cool” travel stuff. So, if you’re a genius like me who doesn’t know what they’re doing at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, here’s my advice:

If you’re looking for action, pass. Unless you know specifically where you’re going (eg. the zoo or museum) or what events (concerts, etc.) are taking place, you won’t have fun unless you enjoy parks in general.

If you’re seeking simple, natural serenity, take a break by strolling through Prospect Park to the lake. Avoid this park towards the end of the school year, though, as you will find less serenity and more field trips. Be aware the place is quite large, in case of time constraints. If you’ve been to both parks, Prospect Park will give you perspective on just how humongous Central Park is. (Check out a map to compare the sizes of the two.)

If you’re craving some shopping, give the outskirts a meandering. In fact, I found affordable sunglasses here! The souvenir storekeepers are pretty friendly and are willing to chat. I also found a small grocery store with Ezekiel cereal and delicious watermelon. (I try to eat healthy, so I was pretty happy.)

If you’re hungry, there’s some really cute restaurants and bars in that area of Brooklyn. Try brunch at Miriam Restaurant, for one. I am dying to go back to the place for some challah French toast!

For a full day wandering Brooklyn, don’t forget to pack a power pack.

Melissa Dailey

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