Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island for a day trip is one of the best things to do in Seattle. Clearly, though, I haven’t been there enough. My latest adventure on the island is a great example of how I never know what I’m doing even when I know what I’m doing. Which is how we got stranded on the island til nearly midnight…

This Bainbridge Island day trip was sort of a goodbye gift to my friend who’s going back home to China next month. Maybe I convinced her I knew what I was doing, but probably not.

I first realized I wasn’t sure what I was doing when we arrived at the ferry terminal in downtown Seattle, after battling our way through rush hour from Ballard. I followed the signs to the Bainbridge ferry car line, but my subconscious kept second-guessing me: Are you SURE you’re in the right line? Oh well. Even if we end up in Bremerton or on Vashon Island, we’ll find something to do.

Turns out we were in the right line after all. As our ferry shoved off in the right direction, we dashed upstairs to the deck. With pristine blue skies above the Seattle skyline, the view was PERFECT. You can imagine how quickly the time passed while taking pictures.

Stressful sushi

Food. This was the second thing I hadn’t thought far ahead about. We decided on Japanese food, so we ended up at SuBi just before they started getting busy. (We were able to snag a seat at the bar instead of waiting in line.)

A former sushi chef myself, I was impressed by the guy making sushi in front of us. In fact, I winced whenever a fresh avocado stuck to the seed or the tempura batter of a deep-fried roll crumbled. I feel your pain, man!

Great place. The price is a bit more than I usually like to spend, but the selection of fish was superb. Therefore, the cost was well worth it.

Catching the sunset

Our tummies full, we drove in the same direction I had wandered last time I’d come to Bainbridge. Or so I thought. Turns out we went in the exact OPPOSITE direction.

It all worked out though. I recognized Pritchard Park, so we stopped there just in time for the sunset. The downtown skyline and Mount Rainier were the perfect backdrops for some memorable photos.

I figured we had JUST enough time to drive to the other side of the island to catch the end of the sunset before the next ferry. So we booked it over to Pleasant Beach Drive, a road I’d been on before.

Pleasant Beach Drive is exactly that—A pleasant drive along the waterfront, between the water and the houses of the lucky people who live there. If you come here, take a moment to walk out on the docks!

Getting stranded

Finally, we got back to the terminal just in time to catch the 10:40 PM ferry back to Seattle. Or so we thought. Turns out I’d neglected to check the schedule for midweek. Since we were there on a Tuesday, there was no ferry between 9:45 and 11:35. Oops.

So we just chilled, talked, and watched videos on my phone in my car until the next ferry. (Thank goodness for unlimited data!) I felt bad for my friend, as she had to get up early the next day. But she didn’t really mind.

The ferry is desolate so late at night. Kind of eerie. It was surprising to see the cars load up without crowding the entire space. THAT’S how few people were on board. Everyone was so tired, most passengers, including my friend, stayed in their cars. The only other people I saw get out was a group of rowdy young guys.

Getting confused

Most of the people around were ferry workers. I ran into a couple of them on my way up to the bathroom. A male employee opened the stairway door for me, I thanked him, and then his female coworker joked, “He can be a gentleman…sometimes!” Their teasing banter culminated in them telling each other to shut up. I love when coworkers joke around like that! (I have a cruel sense of humor.)

The ferry workers at night are great. The passengers…maybe not so much.

Lucky me walked into the women’s bathroom when the rowdy guys were goofing off in there. Upon entering, I saw what was clearly a teenage guy’s head from within a stall. I heard him and his friends laughing together.

“What the…” I abruptly turned on my heel at the exact moment I saw the one guy’s head turn in my direction.

As you can imagine, I double-checked the sign on the front. Women’s, yes. Good. But still…

I walked around the corner and saw another women’s bathroom sign. Suspecting, however, this second entrance was connected to the same women’s bathroom, I waited for the guys to clear out.

They did. Quickly and quietly. Like they were a bit embarrassed.

That’s what I thought.

It was probably a dare or something. Whatever. I probably would have done the same thing in their shoes. *Shrug*

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