Semi-rainbow bagel semi-impresses!

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Strawberry-chocolate Nesquik bagel with Funfetti cream cheese
Strawberry-chocolate Nesquik bagel with Funfetti cream cheese
Here is one of many varieties of the “rainbow bagel,” famously from The Bagel Store in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. This was one of the BIG items to scratch off my New York to-do list, but was it hyped up a bit much? Well, it’s basically just a sweet bagel. But here’s the full story.

THE VERDICT: Worth it! If you are cash-ready, that is.

To be honest, I was a bit crabby and nearly worn out. You see, I’d woken up at 5 AM against my will and busied myself walking around Brooklyn all day until late afternoon. When I looked up The Bagel Store, I found conflicting closing times posted (which I later found out neither were true), and I was running out of time. After hopping on and off the subway from downtown Brooklyn, I was still many blocks away–20 minutes till closing, no problem! GPS says 21 minutes to walk there. I’m a server/sushi chef/crazy person. I can walk fast. I can do this!

So I booked it. Got there 5 minutes after the supposed closing time and the door was open with the OPEN sign flashing. Of course. So my sweaty, panting self stands at the case for 20 seconds before I realize that there’s no total-rainbow bagels. Multi-colored ones in the same style but not exactly what I had come for.

You can imagine how I felt when they told me it was cash only. I’d forgotten. And now I was sweaty, crabby, AND had to pay a fee to use the ATM.

But the bagel was really good. OHHHHH MY–I kept thinking about it the rest of my trip, and let me tell you–Next time I get to Brooklyn, I’ll get me at least TWO multi-colored bagels with legendary cream cheese!

But…Reese’s cream cheese, funfetti cream cheese, cotton candy cream cheese….How will I choose?!

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