The Porch in Ellensburg was more than a pleasant surprise–is “overwhelming” too strong a word? The restaurant has only been around a few years, but the menu and service truly impressed me.

The verdict: The soon-to-be legendary sweet potato fries alone make the drive to Central Washington worth it!

Where to sit: the choices are in the front, on the “porch”, or in the bar. Sitting outside is usually my first choice, but no one dared sit outside in the high wind that day. My mom and I sat in the main restaurant area. The seats were quite comfortable, actually.

The feel: The Porch feels modern and comfortable. The tables, even in the bar, are spaced out nicely, so you won’t feel too close to anyone. The servers and hostesses come across as eager to help and easy-going. (Which I truly admire, having been a server myself.)

The drinks: The tap list is fair, with local and other selections. They provide generous samples, so don’t drink too fast. Wine and a full bar is also available. The cocktail menu made my mouth water. After two beer samples, though, I settled on a red ale that paired well with my meal.

The food: You CANNOT order wrong at this place! In fact, the restaurant’s “Philosophy” page on their website features a quote from James Beard saying, “There is absolutely no substitute for the best.” And it certainly shows!

I was thrilled that gluten free buns could be provided for your burger, and I even upgraded the side to sweet potato fries for $1.49. At first we were leaning toward beef since we were in Ellensburg, which is where lots of local beef comes from, but chicken sounded better. I selected the Hawaiian-inspired Hang Loose burger with chicken and pineapple while my mom ordered the Chicken Marsala entree. We were both well pleased!

When my plate came, though, I had my doubts. The fries looked burnt. But never judge a fry by its dark color! Those were the BEST sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. In fact, I don’t think I could eat any sweet potato fries anywhere else ever again! So either my life is now complete or else ruined, I don’t know.

I think I’ll settle on “complete” but I need to head back to Ellensburg for happy hour ASAP k bye.

In retrospect, what a great close to our epic Central Washington-Lower Grand Coulee road trip!

Melissa Dailey

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