red hot bar in tacoma washingtonThere’s pretty much just one bar in my life: The Red Hot in Tacoma, Washington. Why is that? Well, the place just feels like home. It’s a great place to chill with friends after a long day of work. Plus, besides a great selection of rotating beer on tap, the hot dogs will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Hurry up and head on over to grab a seat before the rush comes. And yes, you have to literally grab your own seat. Keep an eye out for vacant chairs and tables to quickly claim your spot!

What to eat

The hot dogs, man. The hot dogs here are SO GOOD. Before I started eating at The Red Hot, I didn’t even realize how awesome hot dogs could be.

If you like spicy food with a bit of a refreshing taste, try the Destiny City Slaw Dog. This new favorite of mine is topped with all-beef chili, onions, and coleslaw. (The Ragin’ Cajun is similar, except it has no chili and subs the dog with a spicy sausage.)

There’s much more to choose from, of course. For cheese lovers, get The Gangsta Mac, smothered in mac n cheese. And if there’s any BLT fans out there, there’s a Tacoma Boys BLT dog just for you.

Once you’ve washed down the main course with the amber or pale of your choice, it’s time for dessert. You can either head next door to Ice Cream Social (who occasionally have a delicious Guinness flavor) or stay for seconds! Try the Hound Dog (formerly the Hosmer), a hot dog with bacon and sweet peanut butter on top. This is well paired with something dark and smooth, such as an imperial stout.

Vegan options are available. The menu also includes sandwiches and sides such as sauerkraut, frito pie, or nachos.

What to drink

You know what you like. If it’s cider, ask about cider. If it’s amber, ask about amber ale. If it’s something dark and smooth, ask about that. There’s always a killer variety of draft beer (including IPAs, barley wine, and lagers) and cider available, as well as some bottles, wine, coffee, iced tea, Mexican coke, and draft soda.

As long as it’s something I’m sure I have the taste for, I’ve never been disappointed by a server’s suggestion at The Red Hot.

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