Consultation Session Contract

Receiving of payment will be viewed as Client’s acceptance of this contract.

On the date of payment received by Contractor, Melissa Dailey, it is hereby agreed as follows:

Contractor agrees to provide service as here specified: a single 1-hour consultation session by phone, Skype, or other Internet connection.


The following fees shall apply: $200 per hour for services rendered, unless a valid and current coupon code is applied.

Client shall make full payment in advance of service.

Until full payment is received, the final date and time of the appointment is not confirmed. The Client’s selected time slot may be made available to other parties.

Late Policy

If Client is late for the appointment, payment will not be refunded or deducted. In this case, the allotted time of the appointment will not be extended to make up time. Contractor will strive to cover the consultation material within the remaining period, but some information may be skipped or summarized.

Contractor strives to be on-time and available for each appointment. If Contractor is late for the appointment, extra time will be allotted to the given session or a rescheduling can be arranged.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

If Client is a “no-show” for the appointment, payment will not be returned.

If Client cancels the appointment without rescheduling a make-up appointment within two weeks from the original appointment’s set day, payment will not be returned.

Client may reschedule their appointment only once. A second request will be treated as a cancellation and payment will not be refunded.

Contractor strives to be available for each scheduled appointment as health and circumstances allow. In the case of sickness or a personal emergency, Client will be notified of appointment cancellation as soon as possible.

Technical Difficulties

If Internet or phone connection is too poor for coherent audio, the appointment may be rescheduled at no extra cost.


Contractor and Client recognize and acknowledge that this agreement creates a confidential relationship between Contractor and Client and that information regarding business affairs, customers, vendors, finances, properties, methods of operation, marketing endeavors, and documentation, and other such information, is confidential in nature.

All information and resources exchanged during the consultation session is not to be distributed by either party, nor used by a third party. Information and resources produced in the performance of this agreement will not be sold, transferred, published, disclosed, or otherwise made available to third parties without Contractor’s prior written consent.

Contractor and Client both agree to bind business partners, employees, and subcontractors to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


While Contractor strives to provide Client with up-to-date and accurate information, there are no representations or warrantees, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, suitability, or availability with respect to the information or resources provided by the Contractor for any purpose.

By paying for the consultation service, Client agrees that the Contractor is not responsible for the success or failure of business decisions related to any information or resources the Contractor provides or recommends.