“Should I hire a business consultant?”

If you already have a business, YES.

If you are just getting one started, YES.

If you are considering getting one going, YES.

In short, business and marketing consulting is for anyone trying to save time and money:

→ Bloggers trying to build up their blog

→ Podcasters striving to grow their audience

→ Freelancers establishing their niche and income

→ Solopreneurs with big ideas

→ Small business owners with limited resources

You need to determine what is worth investing in and what isn’t. You need to avoid getting ripped off. You need to grow your business. You need to make enough income to hire others to help you. You need a complete marketing plan. You need to figure out why your website isn’t bringing in any leads. You need to bring in more than just referrals. You need to be more productive. You need to find the weaknesses in yourself and turn them into strengths so you can stop making mistakes that waste time and money.

If you’re still figuring things out, you will save time by investing in a quick, affordable consulting session now. Cut past all the introductory research to get to the money-making activities as soon as possible. Why teach yourself for hours and hours when you could hire someone to tell you what to do in ONE hour?

Consulting for bloggers and podcasters

If you have been blogging and/or podcasting for 6-12 months or more without making a cent, it’s clear that the full power of your blog/podcast has yet to be unleashed. But, even if a blogger/podcaster realizes that it’s time to make a change, they often don’t know what steps to take.

There are many different options, and not just anything will work for you personally.

Have a talk with a consultant who can point you in the right direction. A good consultant will help you find your niche to narrow your marketing efforts and generate income. Together, we will determine who your target market should be to grow your audience.

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Consulting for freelancers establishing themselves

Freelancers not yet committed to a niche need someone to guide them. The freedom to adjust your niche whenever and however you wish is great!

…But can be a trap. Freelancers usually struggle when their area of focus is too broad. The broader your niche is, the broader your audience. The broader your audience, the more competitors you have. The more competitors you have, the less you will stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a small, one-man show, you’ve got to make yourself stand out! From the very beginning, you’ve got to make a name for yourself. Be different, in at least one small way, from all your competitors.

Or else the problem is that your chain of clients has turned your niche into something you could care less about. A lack of motivation is sure to follow, but if you’re stuck doing what your clients need you to do, is there any way out?

The most common obstacle for freelancers and bloggers is not knowing how to get leads and make sales. A freelancer’s consultation, therefore, may cover how to build up your marketing funnel to get the clients you really want.

An observant business consultant will also help you fine-tune your niche and cultivate more productive work habits.

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Consulting for solopreneurs (and freelancers who work alone)

Solopreneurs have big ideas. The world is at their fingertips and they have endless options, with endless choices to make. Solopreneurs have a large measure of freedom, much like freelancers do.

However, solopreneurs work alone for a reason. Perhaps their budget is so strict that they only have money for advertising; they don’t have enough to hire others. Or they prefer working alone. Either way, solopreneurs usually don’t have help even when they need it. This leads to more issues.

Without the support of employees, solopreneurs and freelancers may find themselves “chicken-heading”. They go around trying to figure out what they’re doing, but they only get distracted by everything. Solopreneurs sometimes let perfectionism get the best of them. They know which are the right choices, but they hesitate to make them. Essentially they end up running back and forth, busy as a chicken, but accomplishing nothing.

Does this sound like you? Consult with someone who will encourage you to reach out further than you already have.

Your ideal marketing consultant will help you resolve glitches for a larger income. Solutions may range from addressing SEO and social media marketing, to improving advertising and branding.

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Consulting for small businesses

Even well-established small businesses sometimes need to consult a business and marketing expert. I’ve worked with small business owners who are very good at what they do. They have a good niche, employees, and a reliable income. They can provide for their family. All the same, I have found many times that small business owners have no clue what a website’s role should be in their marketing funnel.

You may or may not be a technical person, but let’s face it. The online marketing world is another culture. That’s why the name of my website is You Can Culture Leap. I realize that it takes a huge leap of faith to jump into digital marketing.

As a business owner, you know your industry far better than you understand digital marketing. So it would be very difficult to try to traverse the online world alone and unguided.

You don’t have to.

If you already have a website, make sure that your business consultant is knowledgeable about SEO, as I am. There may be errors in your website preventing you from being discovered by new people. On the other hand, your website could be fully functional, but with no way to capture and cultivate leads. I can help determine which is the problem.

Many times small businesses generate their largest chunk of income from referrals. And that’s just fine if referrals bring in enough money! However, you may wish to expand your business. Or you may prefer to use your website to its full capacity so you aren’t wasting the money you spend on it. In either case, it’s time to incorporate your site into the marketing funnel.

A good marketing consultant will recognize the need to modify your website, if necessary. By the end of the consultation, you should know what tools you need to make the changes yourself. Your consultant will have laid out what steps to take to grow your business overall.

Your marketing consultant will list what your website needs to grab hold of new people so you can sell to them in the future.

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