This was exactly what I was looking for in order to have a plan for my start-up web design business.” — From co-owner of Red Lily NW, web design company

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Your strengths in small business

Small business owners can accomplish more than solopreneurs do, within the same timeframe. Personally, the small business owner has more time on his or her hands. Others are helping out.

Two or more heads are unquestionably better than one. Small business owners, therefore, have more ideas coming in—fresh viewpoints to help them out when facing a problem.

Thus, a small business owner generally works things out more quickly than a solopreneur does. But small business owners do have much in common with the solopreneur. In either case, they work hard.

Your challenges as a small business owner

A small business owner is in charge of everything, whether personally or through delegation. It’s up to the boss to keep their company rolling. Thus, he or she must do a lot of research, experiment often, and be careful to invest in the right things to save time and to save money. At the same time, he or she has got to stay well-informed.

Which begs the question:

How can I save time and money?

While I haven’t yet appraised your situation, here are a few thoughts off the top of my head. These are six of the biggest problem-solvers for small business owners:

  1. Make sure your website is fast, reliable, and capable of grabbing leads.
  2. Have a complete marketing funnel and study the statistics of each stage.
  3. Delegate your easy tasks which you can train someone else to take care of.
  4. Automate as much as possible, especially email and social media marketing.
  5. Improve your advertising with revamped slogans, ad copy with power words, or targeted online ads.
  6. Narrow your marketing targets as finely as possible.

Above all, if you are struggling to stay on top of everything while managing or growing your business, I recommend one-on-one coaching.

Your best small business consultant

As someone who works in small business, you probably know this well already: Don’t hire a marketing consultant who has never worked with a small business before. Your ideal consultant must realize that a small business differs from freelancing. For one, small businesses have employees to consider. A large-enough income is required in order to pay everyone.

What’s more—if you have a website, you should not consult with someone who doesn’t know zip about SEO. Even if you think SEO is not the culprit, it could be a part of what’s holding your business back.

My small business consultations are always personalized according to your needs and industry and often address the following topics:

Online marketing

Advertising basics
Appreciation marketing
Target identification
B2B marketing
B2C marketing
Brand development
Competitive research
Content marketing
Email marketing
Lead cultivation
Marketing funnel
Slogan and tagline brainstorming
Social media marketing rules for each relevant network


Backlink-building strategies
Blogging basics
SEO checklist
Website optimization

Operating a small business

How to know when to subcontract and delegate tasks
How to find motivation
Productivity boosters
Time management
Website’s role in business and the marketing funnel

Reaching goals

How to grow your business
Income generation
Tools to improve your website or marketing strategy
Marketing strategy development

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