The internet is a vast sea swarming with information—will you sink or swim in it?

The outcome is up to you. If you’ve found this webpage early in your career, then you’re in the right place to tread water. If it’s been rough so far, this could be the turning point for you.

I’ve seen too many sink among all the information saturating the online world. There’s always something new, some marketing trend you’ve GOT to jump into. If you don’t, you’ll fail, right?!

Not necessarily. Don’t let all this free information reign you in solely because it’s FREE.

You, your situation, and your business may be best treated with the marketing tactics you’ve already been using. The danger is letting yourself get distracted and drawn away from what really works.

The more you put into what works, the more you’ll get out of it.

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Not all advice is worth taking

Bloggers, webinar people, lifestyle influencers, famous entrepreneurs— there are countless experts out there. So how can you decide whose advice to take? You can’t take it all, no matter how hard you try. You would sink for sure.

Let’s talk about webinars, for example. If you didn’t already know, webinars are live (or previously recorded) instructional presentations. Each is broadcasted to a group of preregistered attendees.

Even I will admit that webinars are very motivational and provide useful information. There are many free webinars out there informing you of everything you need to know about specific marketing tactics. And yes, these are valuable resources.

Sometimes webinars are so informative that I wonder why I didn’t pay a single cent to attend!

Just kidding. It’s obvious when a webinar, like most, are meant to sell a more expensive product or service to the attendees. So why are they so in-depth? Attending a webinar is a large enough commitment on the part of the viewer that the webinar host often feels free to share extra information. Details that the host might usually charge for.

Sounds great, right? So, why don’t I recommend watching tons of webinars? Why don’t I recommend that you do exactly what I did—research everything and hire no one, all for the sake of saving money?

The short answer is that you don’t have time for that. You’ve got to be investing more time into doing than researching!

My longer answer is: Don’t get sucked into cookie-cutter information because, frankly, the person imparting it isn’t talking to YOU.

→ Get more helpful advice meant just for you

Customized information is better than cookie-cutter sales pitches

Neither webinar hosts nor bloggers are speaking to you as an individual. They do not know your personal goals, personal needs, your business’ current situation, whether you have a website, or whether you even need a website or not! I could go on…So of course they don’t know what sort of advice to give you!

Ask yourself: Why would you invest any of your precious time to listen to something that may not work for you? Remember that webinars are meant to sell. Yes, they may convince you that this awesome new marketing tactic is right for you! But, in marketing, there is always a better way to do accomplish your goal, a more practical method that is a better fit for you.

For example, affiliate marketing is HUGE these days. Everyone does it, including countless website owners and even large corporations. But you don’t need a website to succeed as an affiliate. Neither do you need an email list with tons of subscribers.

There’s always a different way of doing it, even if another way might be a little quicker or bring in a larger income. Maybe you can’t be bothered with maintaining a website, or you don’t have the savings to get one. Maybe you just want enough money to live on. Maybe you want nothing more than an enjoyable, balanced life.

→ Identify your main issues and find how to resolve them

Stop wasting time on things that don’t make money

Balance is what I’m talking about. I’m talking about picking and choosing your battles. I’m talking about distractions. Don’t let yourself get distracted by heavy research, persuasive webinars, competitor’s methods, or any of the above.

When trying to establish a stream of income, many people don’t figure out what they’re doing soon enough. In some cases they may not do enough research. But in other cases, too much research is the problem.

If you find that you’re always learning something new, but never have time to apply what you’ve learned, it’s time to make a change. You may be letter perfectionism get the best of you. You’re holding yourself back from taking the action that will bring in the money! Trust me, I understand because this has been my own problem.

I have been a perfectionist since I was at least five years old, so I’ve been told. Long-term habit as it is, I have found it very difficult to hold back my perfectionist tendencies. To keep from wasting time on tweaking my unpublished landing page for months on end. Or in making sure my website is perfect for that PPC ad I might someday run.

Because let’s face it: the perfect landing page and the perfect ad don’t guarantee anything. People buy from companies with the worst website ever—all the time! Therefore, you must take action to make a difference in your professional life. Stop wasting time on things that don’t make the money! Your time is limited.

That’s the one thing that we all have in common as small business owners, bloggers, freelancers, solopreneurs, or even big-time entrepreneurs! We all have the same amount of time on our hands and we need to use it wisely.

I recommend personalized, one-on-one business consulting to narrow down the tasks you need to work on.

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Business consulting can help if you are:

A blogger or podcaster…

A freelancer…

  • Going into business for yourself
  • Unsure of how to make yourself stand out among the competition
  • Struggling to manage your time and energy
  • Overwhelmed by all the conflicting opinions on blogs and elsewhere
  • Confused about what your priorities should be
  • Spending more time researching then applying your knowledge
  • Busy enough managing other things that you can’t focus on marketing

A solopreneur or small business owner…

Do you know how to solve the above problems off the top of your head? Of course not. You could waste time teaching yourself how to do it all, but I have a better idea.

Shave weeks of research off your schedule by investing in the right consulting or training session!

→ Spend no more than $200 to get started

Find someone who will first ask you questions about yourself and about your company. A good business consultant will get to know you a little bit on a personal level before digging down into the nitty-gritty. Because anyone who helps you resolve issues needs to know what your underlying problems are in the first place.

True, the lost above is incomplete. It could never end, pretty much. There are countless problems that you could be facing, and I won’t know which bother you most until you tell me.

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