BANGKOK–It’s a crazy city unlike any other. If you live here as an expat or are passing through for an extended stay, it’s likely you’ve come to terms with the 40 following points. You might take time to consider these odd facts if you are considering moving to Bangkok.

  1. You never seem to lack plastic bags…or straws or coins.
  2. 7-11 was never so necessary a convenience.
  3. You know you’ve got to allow about 3 hours to get across town just in case traffic is at its worst.
  4. You know to stay as far away from the river, especially Asiatique, during the river festival. (Or, if you didn’t already, now you know. Trust me. That night was the longest of my life.)
  5. You know to wear black in October.
  6. You know not to bother flagging down taxis without the red sign on….But sometimes they seem to have forgotten to turn it on.
  7. You know to ask the taxi driver if they will take you to the place before you jump in. Because they may not want to take your money, no matter how much is thrown at them.
  8. You can read/recognize the van signs.
  9. You can tell how much a bus costs by its color.
    inside of bangkok air conditioned orange bus bad traffic city living

    How I spend most of my time in Bangkok – on the bus.

  10. You hate satang. (Why do we have those coins anyway?!)
  11. Your laundry may or may not ever dry–it’s up to the weather.
  12. You know to wait out the heaviest rainfall for only about 15 minutes. Under the nearest overhang. With everyone else.
  13. You know where to find shirts for 20 baht.
  14. You get a thrill from free eye exams.
  15. 10 baht coins are gold for laundry day.
  16. Soda water is yes.
  17. Within 10 minutes of walking distance from your apartment you can get…everything you need.
  18. You crave beer (and/or soda water and/or coke) more than you ever have before.
  19. Sticky rice is normal rice.
  20. Normal rice is beautiful.
  21. You know to stock up on alcohol the day before a Buddhist holiday.
  22. You know to stay far far away from the monks (if you’re female).
  23. You use LINE more than you make or receive regular phone calls or texts.
  24. You miss trees.
  25. Pot plants become your easiest access to nature’s beauty.
  26. You’ve forgotten what a dishwasher is.
  27. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to have your own washing machine.
  28. Speaking of laundry…what’s a dryer?
  29. You order almost everything not spicy and/or not sweet.
  30. Natural deodorant does not work here.
  31. You feel sticky all the time.
  32. Going to Kuala Lumpur is a holiday.
  33. Immigration day is so much fun…not.
  34. Getting a work permit, bank account, or drivers license is the accomplishment of the century!
  35. You’re used to all the dogs on the street and somehow you still don’t fully trust any of them.
  36. You regularly get told you’re beautiful or handsome, even on your bad days. Tall noses and tall heights may especially be pointed out to you–to your chagrin, perhaps.
  37. You cancel your plans if it rains.
  38. You know you have at least 3 consecutive days off each April.
  39. You know Powerbuy has some of the best electronics deals.
  40. You know “Central” ends with an “N”.

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